Thursday, January 20, 2011

The sum of part of me..Pumpkin...

salam..hai..lame giler x update blog nih..coz asyik lupe je yg kite ade blog ni..hehehe..
citer baru..kite byk...balik dari pengalaman baru..kat hotel pun best..kawan2 best...
very friendly..and helping...and also..loving..hehehe..loving sgt smpai bagi cinta dia..huhhuh..
name die karazy shooke...giler kan..!!! nyer pun giler2...and adorable..hehe
byk la citer sedih n happy sepanjang practical kat thistle hotel dgn dia..sume mmberi kite penjaran n teladan..utk kite perbaiki kelemahan diri..kekalkan mane yg baik..dan tingkatkan usaha..
itu sume adalah slh satu nasihat dari die...yelakan..kite kan student..byk lg kene belajar...
kite pun byk la share dgn die...lg2 kat dlm cold kitchen..buat canapé'...xtau la mane cantik dan hebat nyer canapé' saya tuh..dorg puji2...
yang lain2..hehe..dia pandai amik hati...n sukew bt kite senyum n's cute..i think..!! ^_^
yan penting...KITE ORG MINAT MEMASAK...!!! our chemistry honey...!!<3
alhamdulilah..dgn dia senang..coz byk chemistry...i love him..for sure..n mish him everyday.
so,utk tahun baru 2011 nih just nak habiskan diploma..and sambung degree insyallah...
and menempuh dunia baru dan kerjaya yang berkaliber...cehh...!! gituw...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Hari Raya is coming soon...
I'm in the holiday..
for sure to make chocolate moist n packing dodol..
my grandfather made dodol this year after 6 years...
he is getting old..not strong enough to stand for 7 hours..
pity tok wak....
but the dodol is extremely delicious and totally different then other dodol that had in the market....!!!
My job is totally to make a cake and cookies..chocolate moist and honey cornflake cookie..
yumyum..and my family favorite cookies..
My mom..she will cooked rendang, sambal goreng, kuah kacang, serunding, and ketupat...
my sisters..hehehe..
cha:online facebook and chat with her frend trough the internet..
tasha: bumbling around n do nothing....lazy gurl!!!!! huh..
memey: set up the curtain and clean up the dust..
the boys..kiki,fariz and farid..helps dad to clean outside the house..
the little boys..faiq n faliq..
playing around n disturb others..
hehhehe...(selalu kne kejar dgn ayah yg bwk rotan..huuhuhu..)
During Hari Raya..
Will going back to village in Seremban and Labu Johnson..hehehe..unique name hah!!!
visit relatives and family members..
eating a lot of rendang and lemang..
hehehe...getting fat..
collecting duit raya as many as i can..
and for information..
i still play mercun and bunga api..and sometimes meriam..hehehehh..naugty gurl..
My Hari Raya normally is fun and funny..
is good to be apart of my family...
close to my mom and dad..and budk kecik 2 org tu..kacau jerk..heheheheh...

Monday, August 31, 2009


i have been hurting by someone that i rarely trust a week ago..
and the final..our relationship is over...
nothing left..but just the deep infection...
i don't feel happy.. but at the same time..i feel free...
i don't know why..??
we have been together almost 1 year and 3 month...
and little close to get engage..
might is not our luck to get together..
i still love him as a friend..
but he is not..
he cannot accept that I'm not his sweet princess anymore..
i always ask to myself, why actually men wants from women..???
what else that cannot make them feel satisfied...???
Is it true that women is the hurtle among us???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I would like to achieve this semester…………


· Better result than the last semester’s result.

· Try to be in the dean list.

· To loss at least five kg of my weight before hari raya.

· Learn to spend less of money. Hehehe…shopaholic…

· Become a workaholic person.

· Improve my cooking skills.

· Enhanced my knowledge about word issues especially about the Mother Nature.

· Become a moderate person.

· To make my ex-boyfriend crying with my success after he dump me for another girl.